About 25 % of the drugs prescribed worldwide are derived from plants. 11 % of 252 drugs are exclusive of plant origin. Natural plant products can treat many health issues. They are less expensive and a safer means of medications. Herbal medicines are naturally occurring substance that can treat illnesses.

Herbal medicines are mixtures of organic chemicals that come processed part of a plant. It uses the plant seeds, roots, fruits, barks, leaves or flowers for medical purposes. Herbs are also used as beauty products. The beauty of herbal beauty products is that they are always safe even for sensitive individuals.

Herbal plants are highly used for developing a new drug product. Herbals are not only used as medicines but as beauty products as well. It is always a challenge to find the right product that will give effective results without causing any harm. Generally, herbal cosmetics are also referred to as natural cosmetics. Herbal cosmetic uses different herbal ingredients to form the base to cure various skin ailments.   Herbal cosmetics are the products in which herbs are used in crude or extract form. 

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