Women’s Health

Common health concerns for women Breast cancerBreast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. It occurs in men but it’s far more common in women. The causes are unknown but a number of risk factors have been identified such as..

Weight Loss Drugs

Causes of obesityObesity is one of the biggest health problems in the world. It does not happen overnight. It develops gradually from unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor diet. Below are most common cause of obesity. Genetic – It is one of..

Veinotonic / Circulation

Vein disorders are common. They affect the veins of the legs. These veins in the legs will carry the blood to the heart. When the vein in the leg fails to work properly the blood will flow back and pool in the legs. The pooled blood adds pressure in ..

Sleep Enhancer

Causes of InsomniaThere are a lot of factors that can cause insomnia. These are the following factors that can be the reason for staying awake and keep your mind busy at night: Anxiety is a feeling worry and nervousness. It causes your mind ..

Quit Smoking

Why do people smoke?Addiction is the main reason why people smoke. However, it’s not the only reason. There are several other factors that make people want to smoke. These include: To overcome depression To lose weight Social and pee..

Pain Relief

Causes of painPain can occur due to several reasons such as diseases and physical injury. It affects any part of the body. Some of the most common forms of pain include: Headaches Joint pain Neck pain Pain from nerve endings Pain..


Causes of OsteoporosisThe cause of this disease may occur in people having the following: Low estrogen in women Low testosterone in men Other hormone imbalances Lack of calcium Lack of vitamin D Sedentary lifestyle Thyroid ..


Benefits of multivitaminsTaking multivitamins can be a good means to have a healthy body. The following are some advantages in taking multivitamins: Diet alone cannot cover up the gaps of nutrient deficiencies. So taking multivitamins can he..

Men’s Health

Causes of erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and emotional problems. Below are some causes of having erectile dysfunction: Too much drinking of alcohol Lack of exercise Aging Obesity High chol..

Liver Care

Signs and symptoms of liver problemsLiver problems can be due to a variety of factors. The following are some signs and symptoms of liver problems: Loss of appetite Itchy skin Chronic fatigue Yellowish eyes and skin The tendency ..

Joint Health

Causes of joint pain Extra Activity Too much use of the muscles in doing tasks causes body pain. Arthritis makes the muscles tired. It can make the ligaments slack that causes muscle a joint strain. Inflammation inside the jointIt i..

Infertility Therapy

Causes of Infertility In women, it happens due to hormonal disorders like PCOS and any obstruction in the fallopian tube. In men, it happens due to genetic defects like DNA damage and infections like mumps.Risk Factors of Infertilit..


Classification of Immunosuppressive agentsThere are several types of immunosuppressive agents. Anti-rejection immunosuppressant – these agents are prescribed when there is an acute rejection by the body after a transplant surgery. It is gi..

Immune Booster

Causes of immune disorders Emotional state Level of stress Lifestyle Dietary habits Nutritional status Nutrient deficiencyTypes of immune disordersImmune deficiency disorder occurs when the immune system is weak. These r..


Benefits of herbsThe following are some reasons why herbal skincare products are beneficial: Earth-friendly – Herbal plant species are easily and naturally available. It has no negative effects on the environment. No negative side e..

Heart and Blood Pressure

Causes of high blood pressureThere are many risk factors that can lead to this condition: Stress Sedentary lifestyle Obesity High intake of salt High levels of alcohol consumption Aging Genetic tendency Diabetes Birth..


Mechanism of actionThe mechanism of action depends upon the purpose for which it is being used. Adult females – HCG has actions like those of luteinizing hormone which appears to have extra follicle-stimulating hormone activity. HCG promot..

Hair Loss

Causes of hair lossThe following are different factors that cause loss of hair: Stressful event – This type of hair loss is temporary. People may experience a general thinning of hair after a physical or emotional shock. Heredity ..

Gastro Health

Causes of gastrointestinal disorders  Problems linked to diet, stress, allergy, sedentary lifestyle or change in routine Swelling of the large intestine due to some foods or bacterial infections Ulcers in the stomach or small intestine ..

Eye Care

Causes of eye problemsEye problems and ailments are the results of damaging actions like age-related eye vision loss, deficiency of nutrients, injury, and in some cases hereditary too.Signs and symptoms of eye problemsSigns and symptoms i..


Benefits of GinsengGinseng has many health benefits such as boosting our endurance and improving our mood. Ginseng can also treat ailments and diseases such as: Heart disease Cancer Fatigue Hepatitis High Blood Pressure Menopa..


Three main types of diabetes Type 1- Diabetes type 1 occurs when the body does not produce insulin. It happens in children and young adults. About 10% of all diabetes patients are type 1. A person who suffers from this type of diabetes needs to ..

Bone Health

Factors that affect bone healthThere are a lot of factors that may affect your bone health. These are: Depletion of necessary nutrients and mineral such as calcium. A diet that is low in calcium can lead to low bone density. High calcium foo..


Importance of bodybuilding Bodybuilding decreases your risk of developing heart disease. This sport can help you build your muscles and trim body fats. Bodybuilding can help you with arthritis and osteoporosis. Tips for beginn..

Bladder Prostate Problems

Types of bladder problemsCommon bladder problems include: ProstatitisIt’s the inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. It’s may be due to a bladder infection. It affects men of all ages but it’s more common for men 50 and y..

Birth Control

The type of birth control method you use depends on the following: your desire to have children your health your need to prevent STD’s the frequency of sexual activity Birth control works in several ways: Preventing ..

Beauty and Skin Care

Common skin and hair ailmentsSkin disorder can be permanent or temporary. It may be painful or painless. Some are minors but others are life-threatening. There are many types of skin disorders. These include: Cold sore Acne Blister ..


Causes of asthmaThe exact cause of asthma is unknown. There are some marked factors that can cause asthma such as: Parents who have asthma Viral chest infections such as colds and flu Allergen from animal fur, pollens, dust and molds..

Antiviral Drugs

Diseases caused by a virus Common cold Flu Herpes Chickenpox HIV Polio Measles HPV Meningitis RabiesViral infection transmissionA virus can spread in many ways such as: Unhealed cut Virus food and water..

Antiparkinson’s Drugs

Causes of Parkinson’s diseaseA person with this disease has low levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the chemical messenger in the brain. It also controls the body movements. Without this chemical, the neurons break down and die. The ca..

Anti-Migraine Drugs

Causes of a migraineThe specific cause of a migraine is unknown. But there may be changes in the chemicals that send messages between the brain cells. Other factors that may trigger a migraine includes: Foods- Skipping meals, processed foods..

Antihelminthic Drugs

Causes of parasitic worm infectionsParasitic worm infection is a contagious infection transmitted by the helminth’s egg. The eggs can be caught by many things such as food, water, air, pet and toilet seats. Once the egg enters the body, it hatc..

Antifungal Drugs

Types of fungal infections Athlete's footThis is a common fungal infection that affects the foot. The fungus grows in the moist and warm environment of the foot, socks and shoes. Jock itchThis is another fungal infection. The fungus..

Antiemetic Drugs

Causes of emesisEmesis is not a disease but it’s a signs of conditions like: Food poisoning Overeating Pregnancy Morning sickness Ulcers Headaches Diabetes Painful injury Excessive amount of alcohol BulimiaFo..

Anticonvulsant Drugs

Causes of EpilepsyHalf of those who suffer from this disease have no known causes. The other half may be traced to various factors such as: Head trauma Infectious disease such as AIDS Prenatal injury Genetic influence Lack of oxy..


Causes of Blood clotBlood clots form when there is damage to the blood vessel lining. It also clots when it stops moving and become stagnant. Other possible causes of blood clots are: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) Serious disease such as can..


It's vital to know whether your infection is due to virus or bacteria. Because this drug do not work against infections caused by viruses such as: flu common colds fungal infections such as ringworm, oral thrush sore throat, unless caus..


Causes of leg crampsMany things can trigger a muscle cramp which includes: Dehydration Muscle fatigue Poor blood flow Not stretching Magnesium and potassium deficiency Being active on hot days Side effects of some medicines..


Causes of constipationConstipation happens when the muscles in the colon contracts poorly. When this happens, your stool moves too slowly. At the same time you lose more water. Common causes include: Lack of fiber in your diet Medication-..

Anti-Cancer Drugs

Most common cancer in men, women and children: Men- Prostate, lung and colorectal Women- Breast, lungs and colorectal Children- Leukemia, brain tumor and lymphomaCauses of cancerCells can become cancerous due to the changes in the ..

Anti-Androgen Drugs

Anti-androgen can treat the following conditions in men: Prostate cancerProstate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland. It produces seminal fluid that transport and nourishes the sperm..

Anti-Amoebic Drugs

Causes of AmebiasisThe parasite resides in the wall of intestines infecting people. The infection can cause conditions like dysentery and colitis. It is contagious. Your chance of having this infection is higher when you have poor hygiene and the..

Angina Pectoris

Causes of Angina pectorisThe most common cause of angina is heart disease. When fatty deposits block your artery the amount of blood supply reduces. This forces your heart to continue working but with less oxygen. As a result, you may feel pain a..

Alzheimer’s Disease

Causes of Alzheimer’s diseaseThere are no precise reasons for Alzheimer’s disease. Scientist believes that for most people, it is caused by lifestyle, genetics and environmental factors that affect the brain over time. Signs and ..

Alpha Blockers

High blood pressureHigh blood pressure is a condition in which the blood pressure level is high. This increases the workload of the heart causing stroke, diabetes and heart failure. Doctors can prescribe alpha blockers only if other medicines are..


Allergies may exist in different forms: Pollen allergy- It’s one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Some call this as hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Food allergy- Food allergy can affect 4 to 6 percent of children. Pet ..

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Causes of alcohol and drug addictionThe cause of alcohol addiction is unknown. However, there are risk factors that can contribute to alcohol addiction. Drinking at an early age Stressful situation Taking alcohol with medicines Fami..

Acid Reducers

Causes of acidityAcidity is a common problem that affects many people. When some of the acid in the stomach flows up and into the esophagus, acid reflux may happen.  There are many causes of acid reflux that are avoidable. These are: High S..


Other possible triggers which may increase the risk of acne Oily/ greasy substances Friction on the skin Diet Stress Hormonal change due to the menstrual cycle Some medicine that contains androgen Family historySigns of acn..


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